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Looking for a few good employers!

Did you know that the youth unemployment rate is 3 times higher in Durham than it is in surrounding communities within the Triangle? Young people in Durham often struggle with getting and keeping an entry level job, and frequently find themselves competing with older adults for the same positions.

To give local youth and young adults a better chance to succeed in the job market, Project BUILD is partnering with several other local community agencies to present a week-long employment seminar for youth ages 16-22 who are not working or in school. At this seminar, these young people will have the chance to hear from local employers, learn about career and educational opportunities, explore the idea of entrepreneurship, and actively practice the skills that they need in the job market.

Would you be willing to participate as well? We still need a few employers who would be willing to present in panel discussions on entrepreneurship and employer expectations of new employees. If you are interested, please contact Michelle Young by phone at 919-560-0537 or by email @

The Durham Work Opportunity and Readiness for Career seminar will be held on February 16-20, from 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., at the Durham Human Services Building, 414 East Main Street. You can find more information about the D-WORC event here.

Durham Work Opportunity and Readiness for Career (D-WORC)

• 16-22 years of age?
• Have you had a hard time finding or keeping a job?

• Get intimidated by job hunting, applications, and interviews?
• Hope to start working for the first time?
• Wonder why employers make the decisions that they do?

This job readiness training will provide you with opportunities to learn and practice the skills you need to:

• Introduce yourself to potential employers
• Complete job applications effectively
• Succeed in job interviews
• Create a personal career plan
• Navigate the job market
• Network with potential employers
• Get ahead on the job
• Resolve work problems and issues
• Start your own small business

Date: February 16-20
Time: 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (don’t be late!)
Place: Durham Human Services Building, 414 East Main Street, Conference Room A

• Lunch provided

Fill out the D-WORC participant application.

Turn in your application for D-WORC by February 12.
3 Ways to submit:
1. Fax to (919) 560-0530
2. E-mail to:
3. Drop off at:

Project BUILD
Durham Cooperative Extension Office
721 Foster Street

Call us if you have questions:
(919) 560-0537

D-WORC Application

Durham Work Opportunity and Readiness for Career Seminar
Dates: February 16-20
Time: 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m
Location: Durham Human Services Building, 414 East Main Street, Conference Room A

Participant Application
1. Basic Information
Name: _____________________________________________ Age: ______ Date of Birth: _________________
Street Address: ____________________________________________ City: ________________ Zip: _________
Phone number: ___________________________________E-mail: ____________________________________
School: ___________________________________________________ Highest grade completed: ____________
2. Parent/Guardian Information (if under 18)
Parent/Guardian name: ________________________________________ Relationship: __________________
Street Address: _____________________________________________ City: _______________ Zip: ________
Phone number: _______________________________________
3. What jobs, if any, have you had in the past?
A. Employer: ___________________________________________ Job Title: _______________________

How long did you work there? _________________ Job duties: _______________________________

B. Employer: __________________________________________ Job Title: ________________________

How long did you work there? _________________ Job duties: ________________________________

4. Are you currently on probation/parole? Yes □ No □ If yes: Juvenile □ Adult □
Name of Probation Officer: ________________________________________________
5. What special skills do you have (including any computer skills)?

7. Why do you want to participate in the D-WORC Seminar?

To submit this participant application:
E-mail form to:
Fax to: 919-560-0530
Deliver to: Project BUILD, 721 Foster Street, Durham, NC 27701

Any questions? Call 919.560.0537

Durham Work Opportunity & Readiness for Kids

According to a survey conducted by GlaxoSmithKline in 2006, the youth unemployment rate in Durham is 31%, which is double that of surrounding communities such as Raleigh and Chapel Hill. Youth in Durham often lack access to informal and volunteer work experience that could help them land their first job. Many youth in our community also do not have familiarity with the rules of the workplace that can help them get and keep a job.

Project BUILD is very excited to be partnering with two other youth-serving organizations: the Becoming program and the Durham Literacy Center to create the Durham Work Opportunity and Readiness for Kids program. D-WORK will include two components that have been developed to help fill the employment gap for local youth.

Part 1: D-WORK Summer Boot Camp – Partner agencies in Durham will offer a free, one-week employment readiness “boot camp” for youth between the ages of 14-20. D-WORK Employment Academy will be held June 16-20, 2014, and will provide young people with the chance to spend a week learning from local employers about getting and keeping a job, entrepeneurship, and identifying their personal career goals.

Part 2: Youth who successfully complete D-WORK will be matched with a local employer to complete a 6 to 8 week unpaid internship. This internship will provide participants with on-the-job learning opportunities that will increase their chances of finding that first paying job.

We are looking for local businesses who would be willing to get involved and give a local Durham kid a chance to be successful at gaining and maintaining employment. Businesses can get involved in two ways:

1) Participate in a workshop or panel discussion at the D-WORK Employment Academy (June 16-20).

2) Give a local kid the opportunity to learn from you on-the-job through an unpaid internship at your company.

The agencies participating in D-WORK will pre-screen youth in the program for employment readiness, match them with appropriate business mentors for the internship, and provide ongoing follow-up with the youth and the business during and after the internship to ensure that the youth is successful on the job.

If you would like to get involved in D-WORK, contact Project BUILD at (919) 560-0537, or e-mail Michelle Young at

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